About Us

The name of the hotel derives from its location. “Diapori”, means “a narrow waterway,” in Greek, and in this case refers to the tiny channel that separates the little peninsula where the hotel stands from the islet Meropi, a landmark for Kardamyli.

Diapori Suites is a hotel owned and operated by a family with long experience in the hotelier world that has welcomed guests with exceptional dedication for many decades. Diapori Suites Hotel was born out of a desire to create an exceptional lodging – a hideaway that inspires a sense of tranquility, with high-quality facilities and services – all with an aura of relaxed luxury.

Thoughtfully designed, and built from the local stone, the hotel is completely integrated with the natural environment. Its design embraces a modern minimalism combined with elements of the local Maniot architecture as well as austere monastic features.

The color palette of all the indoor and outdoor public and private areas of the hotel, from the walls and floors to the lounge furnishings and even the bed linens of the rooms, is borrowed from the natural hues of the local stone, conveying a calm serenity.

As the guests enter the hotel, a sense of peace and tranquility envelops them. An impressive monastic stone stairway leads down from the entrance patio to the main entrance and the reception area, providing a first breathtaking glimpse of the amazing vistas the hotel has to offer.

An uninterrupted open space, flooded with the revitalizing Greek light, welcomes guests and travelers. The open plan living area boasts a lounge with an inviting bar and a warming fireplace where guests gather to make each other’s acquaintance or share stories, and a wonderful dining venue which offers both indoor and outdoor feasting. Here, every morning an inspired buffet breakfast offers an abundance of choices to start your day in a blissful way.

Large floor-to-ceiling openings and windows frame spectacular views of the sparkling water that changes colors throughout the day, allowing the natural scenery to be part of the decor.  The indoor living areas open to a vast front veranda with lounge spaces that enjoy sweeping views towards the sea, the picturesque harbor, the stone-built village and the majestic Mt. Taygetos.

The outdoor area of the hotel extends towards the tip of the sunny promontory and forms an idyllic recreation spot for swimming and unwinding, with a generously-sized infinity swimming pool, comfortable sun beds and spectacular views from the large deck.

The Hotel grounds, with manicured gardens, blend seamlessly with the natural flora of the area. A cobble path with low steps slopes gently downwards from the pool to the little fishing harbor, which boasts a small pebbled beach and clear waters. To the right of the beach, the path continues towards the village of Kardamyli and its many attractions.